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Custom Landscape Bordering is located in Lexington, KY, serving the Central Kentucky region since 2000.

People primarily use the decorative edging for foundation flowers and shrubs because it acts as a short wall to retain mulch, rocks and other landscape materials. It is also installed around decks, playground areas, swimming pools and home golf putting greens. Some people use it to encircle trees in the front yard to further delineate the plantings and mulch from the lawn.

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Why is concrete edging so popular today?

  • Gives your landscape a new look
  • Concrete provides a permanent and durable edging that is an extremely effective root barrier
  • Unlike other popular forms of edging, the concrete edge will not move, rot, separate or lose its luster when run over by mowers or trimmers
  • Superior design saves time on trimming and weeding
  • Fast easy installation
  • Edging is made on site using a unique extrusion process that creates a continuous edge with flexibility to accommodate any application
  • Border existing beds or create new ones
  • Available in 40 colors to match your home

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