Custom Landscape Bordering Services

lighted custom borderMaking Central Kentucky Lawns Beautiful One Yard at a Time

Custom Landscape Bordering provides a wide variety of landscaping services to both residential and commercial customers including:

  • Concrete Edging
  • Stamped Concrete Patterns
  • Walkways up to 24 Inches

Decorative Edging That Acts as a Retainer

People primarily use the decorative edging for foundation flowers and shrubs because it acts as a short wall to retain mulch, rocks and other landscape materials. It is also installed around decks, playground areas, swimming pools and home golf putting greens. Some people use it to encircle trees in the front yard to further delineate the plantings and mulch from the lawn.

Stamps: Click here to see examples of our stamp textures and colors40 Colors in More Than 10 Patterns

Custom landscape bordering offers 40 iron oxide colors and more than 10 stylish patterns. Joe Morgan advises his customers to key off a neutral color from their home's exterior. The edging should act like a frame on a picture. A finishing touch that should not overpower the art.

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